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May 12, 2021


303 2017 Baja 1000 Race Report

2017 Baja 1000 Race Report From Chris Wilson, owner of the 303: Plan was just cruse at a prerun pace, not try to smoke Moss just run a little more than his pace. Sykes and Glen started. Followed the plan. Both 303 and 302 (Moss) passed a ton of cars due to class starting way

Moon Rise in Baja

Billy Robertson was racing the 1000 with Tony Tellier in Billy’s class 1 car. They were northbound by Diablo dry lake long after dark. As they made the right turn just past Jose’s Tienda, Tony noticed a light behind them in the rear view mirror. Then as they made the next left they saw it

Hard fought 2nd Baja 500 place for Regulators

2017 BAJA 500 | Race day for us started with Steve Susral and I planning to run the truck to the bottom of Mike’s road to BFG pit 2 at RM243. Saw Vic and a few other friends while staged in line prior to the start. We both continue to be blown away by how

2017 Baja 500

2017 Baja 500 “The weather is hot but the beer is cold”, ancient Chinese proverb. That’s the way it is every year in Baja in June, the time of the annual Baja 500. And once again the snap Chase X team was there to participate with ES Motorsports. We were supporting Rienaldo Varela, an experienced

2010 Baja 500 chase report

2010 Baja 500 by Mike Stewart. Its 3:00 AM, the quarter moon is peeking over the eastern horizon, Orion is beginning to dip below the western hills. Then why am I awake? Am I cold? No. Gotta pee? No. Sleepy? Yes. Perhaps it’s the oompah music blasting from the adjacent camp and the women screaming

1971 Baja 500 Pre-run

Corky’s 1971 NORRA Baja Pre Run My first trip to Baja was to pre-run the 1971 Baja 500: Ensenada, then back to Ensenada, 480 miles +. Sat AM daylight, we leave Ensenada, and ride to Camalu, the end of the pavement. This is before the paved hwy to La Paz. I am riding a 71

Pit support Baja 500 2006

The 2006 Baja 500, Chase-X pit team summary of activities and adventure. Pit support for off-road race cars at the Baja 500 can be very boring one moment and very exciting the next. Waiting for hours, monitoring the radios for information, watching your racecar roar past, then hurriedly relocating to a different location and then

2007 Baja 1000

By Stuart Chase 2007 Baja 1000, 40th running. Wednesday, 11-7 Wake up at 6 and off to Chris Wilson’s with Megan to pick up his truck and prerunner for a test a Plaster city and find out if the motor issues have been fixed. Kras is playing cards at one of the Indian casinos and


LocosMocos.com at the Baja 2000

LocosMocos.com at the Baja 2000 By Mark Naugle November 9-17, 2000 The basic task at hand was to move eleven trucks, one 4-wheel drive Toyota Van, one dirt bike, one flat bed trailer loaded with spare race tires and equipment, one trailered generator and twenty-three people 600 miles south of San Diego to set up

1987 Baja 1000

Here is the story of my first Baja 1000 race in 1987. My First 1000 Race The year was 1987. My three amigos (Andy, Bill and Richard) and I decided to race our first Off-Road race. We had never raced anything before just riding in the desert. We never even heard of the Baja 1000 until

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