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July 29, 2021

Archives for March 2020

303 2017 Baja 1000 Race Report

2017 Baja 1000 Race Report From Chris Wilson, owner of the 303: Plan was just cruse at a prerun pace, not try to smoke Moss just run a little more than his pace. Sykes and Glen started. Followed the plan. Both 303 and 302 (Moss) passed a ton of cars due to class starting way

Moon Rise in Baja

Billy Robertson was racing the 1000 with Tony Tellier in Billy’s class 1 car. They were northbound by Diablo dry lake long after dark. As they made the right turn just past Jose’s Tienda, Tony noticed a light behind them in the rear view mirror. Then as they made the next left they saw it

2017 Baja 500

2017 Baja 500 “The weather is hot but the beer is cold”, ancient Chinese proverb. That’s the way it is every year in Baja in June, the time of the annual Baja 500. And once again the snap Chase X team was there to participate with ES Motorsports. We were supporting Rienaldo Varela, an experienced

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